Value proposition

Service Platform with Orchestrator

Orchestration for NFV
  • efficiency on network infrastructure
  • higher service levels
  • dynamic network scalability
  • simplify network management
  • lower OpEx, CapEx
Customizable by design (microservices inspired)
  • bespoke functionality and extensible for best-fit solution
  • easily extensible for future requirements
Open interfaces for multi-vendor support
  • business agility
  • vendor lock-in alleviation
Open interface with
legacy OSS/BSS
  • recognition of iterative NFV adoption
  • extended ROI for legacy systems
  • lower integration costs
Support for VNF and PNF
  • compatibility with realistic, iterative NFV adoption
  • roadmap that includes hybrid networks
Built-in 5G slicing support
  • vertical industries integration
  • separated network (i.e. MVNO models)
ETSI compliant
  • lower investment risk
  • further compatibility with other NFV components
Compatibility with leading community
  • ecosystem flexibility
  • sync with industry de-facto direction “out of the box”


Import and create new VNF and develop chained services
  • lower the barrier to entry the Telecom sector
  • differentiation in changing market

V&V store

Repository and enriched catalogs (VNFs and NS) and automated validation & verification tests
  • open and experimental environment for innovation and collaboration
  • increase of service lifecycle automation
  • guarantee of carrier grade requirements
  • lower the barrier to entry the Telecom sector
  • new business opportunities (e.g. SMEs)

DevOps Tools / Methodology

Methodology and tools to implement a modern DevOps workflow with a multi-organizational design
  • agile management of full service lifecycle: quicker iterations, time-to-market reduction, increased productivity
  • create ecosystem with internal and external developers, leading to differentiation and increased revenue
  • lower barrier to entry to develop services (third-party), new business models, closer B2B collaboration
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