In the context of the 5GTANGO project, we will design and implement an adaptive and immersive end-to-end streaming service which is able to fuse multisource video streaming as 360° in 4K, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) hyper personalized content. The high level scenario of the use case is shown in figure below.

The use case will validate the following system characteristics:

  1. To deliver an adaptive and immersive end-to-end live streaming service as the combination of 360 degree in 4K streaming and AR/VR contents.
  2. To deal with user co-ordination and media synchronization. The two streaming channels will be fused in user terminals (in the edge).
  3. The live-streams will be platform and device agnostic. Relying on DASH/HLS and an existing HTML5 adaptive player, it will be consumed by different devices: mobile, tablets, laptops and SmartTV and the streaming will be adapted to the characteristics of such devices.
  4. To deliver a Hyper-personalized experience developing a personalized AR enrichment channel (manual and automatic personalisation of the experience, deciding contents to see, people to reach, etc.)

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