January 17th 2020: 5GTANGO project announces the release 5.1 of SONATA NFV platform, which provides novel and disruptive features to support the DevOps model in NFV. The release is used in three exemplary 5G pilots in the sectors of smart manufacturing, immersive media and real-time communications, showing the added value of SDN/NFV. This release 5.1 will be the latest one produced by 5GPPP 5GTANGO project.



The webinar took place on November 22nd and we recorded it. SONATA release 5.0 was introduced. Novel features, as well as hand-on quickstart guide, were provided.

 Webinar slides


11h - 11h15: Introduction, Industry status, SONATA relevance (J. Martrat, ATOS, Project Manager)

11h15 - 11h30: Benefits for stakeholders. SONATA components and architecture. Release 5.0. latest features (J. Bonnet, Altice Labs, Technical Manager)

11h30 - 11h40: SONATA SDK. How to prepare a NS and a test package. (M. Peuster, University of Paderborn)

11h40 - 11h50: SONATA Service Platform installation and operations (quickguide). (R. Vilalta, CTTC)

11h50 - 11h55: SONATA Validation & Verification installation and operations (quickguide). (R. Vilalta, CTTC)

11h55 - 12h00: Q&A





5GTANGO has planned a strong presence in EUCNC19, with the special spotlight of showing three demonstrations of the pilots.

A Cloud-native Smart Manufacturing Use Case

Using the 5GTANGO service platform for deployment of a two cloud-native smart manufacturing network services on Kubernetes. The demo shows how these network services could be used to interconnect manufacturing machines in a factory network and how to collect and analyze/visualize their machine data.


Immersive Media Pilot at EUCNC19

The immersive media demo showcases how 5G networks will enhance the experience of end users regarding media services by improving their immersiveness into multiple 360º and non-360º video streams and even the integration of their social media channels. This will allow, for example, end user enjoy sports events in a new dimension.


Communications Suite Pilot at EUCNC19

The communications demo shows all the steps needed to deploy a collaboration system for real-time communications over 5GTANGO NFV Platform. This includes the setup of multiple Network Slices over SONATA NFV Service Platform. Each instance of a collaboration system for real-time communications is deployed on each Network Slice, with different QoS requirements.


Moreover, apart from a booth 5GTANGO will have several contributions:

- Presentation at Workshop 2: From Cloud-ready to Cloud-native transformation.

- Regular paper: Putting 5G into Production: Realizing a Smart Manufacturing Vertical Scenario, S. Schneider, M. Peuster, D. Behnke, M. Müller, P. Bök, H. Karl.



September 6th 2019: 5GTANGO project announces the release 5.0 of SONATA NFV platform, which provides novel and disruptive features to support the DevOps model in NFV. The release is used in three exemplary 5G pilots in the sectors of smart manufacturing, immersive media and real-time communications, showing the added value of SDN/NFV.

The 5GTANGO project is tasked with addressing the significant challenges associated with the development, testing and deployment of the complex services envisioned for the promising 5G networks and empowered by SDN/NFV technologies.

5GTANGO is proud to announce the launch of a new release of its integrated platform. SONATA powered by 5GTANGO. SONATA 5.0 provides compelling new features, such as:

  • Service Development Kit: An invaluable set of tools to support developers in the creation and local testing of services.
  • 5G Network Slicing: Network Slice life-cycle management, supporting the instantiation and removal of Network Slice Templates that define multiple interconnected (shared) network services.
  • Cloud-native Network Function (CNF) Support: support with container-based orchestration based on Kubernetes.
  • QoS and SLA Management: Innovative monitoring framework able to guarantee the required/agreed quality of the service.
  • Qualification of Services: Performance benchmarking tests running in a qualification environment using SONATA Validation & Verification Platform. SONATA and ETSI OpenSource MANO are supported as NFV orchestrators by the V&V platform.
  • Analytics Engine: Execute data analysis processes over the benchmarking tests results and get insights for introducing automation in orchestration mechanisms.
  • Industry Standards Compliance: ONF Transport API support as WAN Infrastructure Manager Northbound Interface
  • Network Automation through Artificial Intelligence (AI): An analytics engine provides various analysis processes with the objective to get analysis insights that lead to the design of efficient policies and introduce automation.

5GTANGO embraced an agile development philosophy with continuous improvements since the project started in June 2017. SONATA 5.0 is its second major software release.

Three pilots across three important sectors for 5G (namely, smart manufacturing, immersive media and real-time communications) have been selected by the project in order to illustrate the added value of the service programmability, the service qualification and the orchestration capabilities offered by the SONATA NFV platform. SONATA is used in the smart manufacturing pilot to optimize the factory processes and, in particular, to show how new CNF functions can be orchestrated even at the edge of the factory networks.  In the immersive media scenario, SONATA showcases its ability to manage multiple advanced functions leveraging virtual reality and social network data together at the network edge. In the real-time communications pilot, SONATA illustrates how essential an end-to-end platform is in order to monitor, measure and reduce latency to improve the overall user experience.

These three pilots were demonstrated at EUCNC 2019 with the support of the vertical industries partners in the project consortium:

“Using the SONATA NFV platform, in Weidmüller we have designed and tested several VNFs Network Services that will increase the efficiency of the communication networks in our manufacturing facilities in the future. Thanks to SONATA, Weidmüller’s factory networks will become auto-configurable, the QoS/QoE can be improved and connectivity downtimes will be minimized.” Patrick-Benjamin Bök, Vice-President Global Digitalization, Weidmüller.


“Thanks to SONATA, Quobis is successfully adopting NFV paradigms in our product portfolio. Network slicing is one of the most innovative and challenging features in SONATA and it can give a meaningful foundation to be able to deliver QoE-aware services in the short term”. Antón Roman, Quobis CTO.


“Thanks to the low latency achieved with SONATA, we have been able to evolve NUROGAMES’s real-time media platform and develop a network device that can stream high-quality media with the plus of social media data”, Jens Piesk, Nurogames CEO.


For more information, please visit: www.sonata-nfv.eu and https://www.5gtango.eu/software/documentation.html


Hannover Messe is the world's leading trade show for industrial technology. With the objective to disseminate the benefits of SONATA NFV Platform, and with the support from WeidMüller, more than 500 Weidmueller visitors and partners have received a factory tour at Detmold. 5GPPP 5GTANGO ongoing research activities have been explained regarding smart, flexible and agile manufacturing to the visitors.


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