5GTANGO, 5G development and validation platform for global industry-specific network services and apps, is a large EU co-funded research project starting in June 2017. The project objective is to foster the dynamic service development and validation for Industry-specific Network Services in 5G environments. 5GTANGO is a highly collaborative effort, with 17 partners representing telecom operators, manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, SME developers, research and academic institutes.

European Union, June 1st 2017: The 5G vision of a closer collaboration and higher accessibility to network management between operators and vertical industries will go beyond simply controlling network performance metrics, and it requires new approaches to network access, service platforms and supporting DevOps workflows for new services and net applications. Software networks will have to offer the possibility to share infrastructures, customize orchestrations, support multitenancy and deploy user services. Associated to network virtualization, the slicing of resources is the next step in the resource and service provision per vertical industry.

The initial value proposition associated to the introduction of Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV) was aimed to lower the operational network costs and necessary infrastructure investments, decoupling network functions from specialized hardware so that the functions are offered as virtualized software elements. Today the SDN/NFV value proposition has shifted to enable flexible services to open new business opportunities and to reduce the time to market for these new services. 5GTANGO addresses these significant challenges associated with both the development and deployment of the complex services envisioned for 5G networks and empowered by SDN/NFV technologies.

5GTANGO has selected two pilots in relevant areas for 5G: smart manufacturing and immersive media, in order to illustrate the added value of the service programmability, service validation and orchestration capabilities offered by the 5GTANGO framework. Both cases are quite complementary in terms of requirements to be addressed by the virtualised networks. These pilots will be implemented, validated and demonstrated within the project lifetime with the participation of vertical representatives of the respective sectors.

5GTANGO is co-funded by the European Commission as an innovation action part of 5GPPP Phase 2 in H2020. The project will receive from the EU nearly €7 million of its €9 million budget.
Approximately 35 persons will be dedicated full time to 5GTANGO during its 30-month duration. The strong consortium includes telecom operators, manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, SME developers, research and academic institutes: Atos, NEC, Altice Labs, NOKIA Bell Labs, Telefónica, Huawei, University of Paderborn, NCSR Demokritos, CTTC, IMEC, Weidmüller, Nurogames, Synelixis, University Pireus Research Center, Easy Global Marker, Ubitech, and Quobis.

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