The webinar took place on November 22nd and we recorded it. SONATA release 5.0 was introduced. Novel features, as well as hand-on quickstart guide, were provided.

 Webinar slides


11h - 11h15: Introduction, Industry status, SONATA relevance (J. Martrat, ATOS, Project Manager)

11h15 - 11h30: Benefits for stakeholders. SONATA components and architecture. Release 5.0. latest features (J. Bonnet, Altice Labs, Technical Manager)

11h30 - 11h40: SONATA SDK. How to prepare a NS and a test package. (M. Peuster, University of Paderborn)

11h40 - 11h50: SONATA Service Platform installation and operations (quickguide). (R. Vilalta, CTTC)

11h50 - 11h55: SONATA Validation & Verification installation and operations (quickguide). (R. Vilalta, CTTC)

11h55 - 12h00: Q&A





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