This deliverable D2.2 describes the initial overall 5GTANGO architecture, which is based on the pilot requirements in D2.1 and the first V&V description in D3.1. The architecture and involved components also take the state-of-the-art and main related solutions and systems into account and, speci cally, build upon 5G-PPP phase one project SONATA.

As main contributions, D2.2 provides a high-level overview of the initial 5GTANGO architecture and describes the novel service packages, which allow the compatibility with different service platforms with a single package through a novel layering concept. It also provides an overview of the work ow of 5GTANGO's three main components and a detailed characterization of their structure.

These main components are the software development kit (SDK), the veri cation and validation (V&V) platform, and the service platform. The SDK supports developers in creating network services, in generating the corresponding descriptors, and in packaging and testing the services. The V&V platform allows the users to thoroughly test the functionality and performance of the submitted network services. After testing, the V&V platform issues digitally signed results, which can be used to compare and choose from different network services. The service platform handles the management and orchestration of network services and ensures resource isolation (network slicing).

Furthermore, D2.2 provides a high-level description of the interactions between the aforementioned components. D2.2 clearly speci es all of 5GTANGO's extensions to existing components (e.g., to SONATA) and provides an overview of state-of-the-art and related work. This architecture design aims at starting and guiding the development of the SDK, V&V, and service platform in WP4, WP3, and WP5, respectively. Details concerning implementation will be described in future deliverables. Insights gained during the agile development process may lead to changes in the described initial architecture, that will be reflected in subsequent deliverables.


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