Abstract: The 5GTANGO project de nes a versatile DevOps work ow for 5G Network services development, validation and deployment. The work ow supports both the development of critical components of the 5GTANGO platform and at the same time implements a number of environments, built around those components for the developers and testers. The environments are deployed over infrastructure that is contributed by a number of available testbeds and pilot sites. Their deployment extends gradually as the required maturity of software components is reached. To this end this document presents the overall deployment of 5GTANGO infrastructure and provides a brief summary of the infrastructure as is provided by each testbed. The testbeds that contribute to the 5GTANGO infrastructure are: Athens, Aveiro, Barcelona, Paderborn and Dublin. These locations are interconnected over the internet by VPN links attached to the Athens testbed. This approach allows for the distribution of components and for large scale testing, considering to the extent of the infrastructure in each testbed. Furthermore the document presents the environments that will be supporting the activities of the 5GTANGO project. These environment are: Integration Environment (for SP, V&V and SDK), Quali cation Environment (for the SP and V&V), Staging Environment (for the developers of NSs and VNFs) and Demonstration Environment (for the vertical use case deployment and demonstration). The way of working and guidelines to the developers are provided in the section that speci es the CI/CD work ow. Finally some indicative preliminary component deployment cases are discussed covering the main platforms (SDK, V&V, SP) and the
monitoring support for 5GTANGO.

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