WP2: Pilot definition, Requirements, Architecture Design

 D2.1 Pilot definition and Requirements  
 D2.2 Architecture Design  
 D2.3 Updated requirements, architecture design and V&V elements  

WP3: Store for qualification

 D3.1 Verification and Validation strategy and Automated metadata management  
 D3.2 First prototype of VNFs/NS Store  
 D3.3 Enriched Store for VNF/NS qualification  

WP4: Service Programmability

 D4.1 First open-source release of the SDK toolset  
 D4.2 Final release of the service validation SDK toolset  

WP5: Service platform and Orchestration

 D5.1 Service Platform operational first release  
 D5.2 Service Platform final release  

WP6: Infrastructures, Platform Integration, System Qualification

 D6.1 Infrastructures, Continuous integration approach  
 D6.2 Integrated lab-based 5GTANGO platform  
 D6.3 Final release of 5GTANGO platform  

WP7: Vertical pilots development and execution

 D7.1 Evaluation strategy and testbed setup report  
 D7.2 Implementation of pilots and first evaluation  
 D7.3 Final demonstrators and evaluation report  

WP8: Exploitation, Dissemination, Standards and 5G Collaboration

 D8.1 Project website and communication guidelines  
 D8.2 Dissemination and communication report P1  
 D8.3 Dissemination and communication report P2  
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