This report presents the Communication & Dissemination activities designed by the consortium to promote 5GTANGO and its results during the whole project duration, although with special focus on the second period.

The report provides a brief introduction of the 5GTANGO project, its context, core objectives and main outputs. It then presents the communication & dissemination objectives. For each objective, clear KPIs are provided to demonstrate the project objective execution. Detailed descriptions of the various targeted dissemination stakeholders have been aligned with the ones provided by 5GPPP community.

The Website, blog, newsletter and social media have had a very significant role in the 5GTANGO dissemination and communication plan. Therefore, the activities around each of these areas have been detailed, including usage statistics and other meaningful data for each of the used communication channels. Several marketing materials have been created to provide visual reinforcements to the 5GTANGO agenda as well as to the representatives of the member companies as they promote the project at various venues. These supporting materials include videos, posters & roll-ups, a modular project presentation slide deck, and the project´s stickers.

As an open source software project, 5GTANGO have held close ties with both various open source communities, such as OSM, as well as with standards organizations (ETSI NFV, ETSI ZSM, IETF/IRTF). These collaborations and engagements are outlined.

A detailed list of all conference and journal publications of the project is also included. The access to these publications in open access is granted. Another key element in promoting 5GTANGO was the participation in industry events. Our role in more than 30 events is detailed in this document, together with a total of the 12 demonstrations
presented in several conferences. Four workshop and a webinar organization and our participation in several plug tests is also described.

Finally, the collaboration with the 5G-PPP community is referenced, and we conclude with the successful review of the project’s KPI’s. It worth mentioning that 5GTANGO has successfully achieved communication and dissemination objectives and has made outstanding contributions that will benefit EU research and innovation in the field of network softwarization.

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