Abstract: 5GTANGO project targets the following key contributions to enable exible programmability of 5G networks; i) an NFV-enabled Service Development Kit (SDK); ii) a catalogue and veri cation and validation (V&V) platform with advanced validation and veri cation mechanisms for virtualised network functions (VNFs) / Network Services (NSs) quali cation (including 3rd party contributions); iii) a modular service platform with an innovative orchestrator in order to bridge the gap between business needs and network operational management systems; and iv) methodology and tools to implement a modern development and operations (DevOps) work ow with a multi-organisational design.

This document first discusses the state of the art of dynamic service development and validation in 5G environments, including ve main challenges: programming model and toolset (devs) in combined Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) /Software De ne Networking (SDN), management and orchestration architecture, mapping templates vs. instances, veri cation and validation of VNFs/NSs, DevOps and monitoring loop towards autonomy. Then, it speci es the three pilot scenarios which address the identi ed 5GTANGO challenges: advanced Manufacturing, immersive media, and real-time communications. This document also outlines the storyboard on how the 5GTANGO project currently expects its developments to be used by different stakeholders and different purposes. It is structured according to three phases; i) development of NS and publishing of NS and test results in a catalogue; ii) testing/validation with a V&V platform and publishing of results in a catalogue; iii) selecting NS from a catalogue, deployment and operation of NS using the service platform. Finally, this document also de nes the functional and non-functional requirements of the four main functional blocks considered in 5GTANGO in order to provide inputs to work packages 2-6 to derive functions as well as the overall architecture of the system.


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