In 5G, to reduce the time-to-market for networked services and to lower the entry barrier to third party developers of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Network Services (NSs) which are VNF graphs, an integrated Development and Operations (DevOps) methodology is crucial. One of the biggest challenges in DevOps is the Validation and Veri cation (V&V) of individual VNFs and NSs so that providers of these services can be sure of their behavior.

This document addresses the V&V strategy that 5GTANGO project will be following in the upcoming months. This V&V strategy is not only about the validation and veri cation testing process, but also about the complete chain that produces necessary input and manages or makes use of the output of V&V testing.

We begin this document by listing its main objectives, the main validation and veri cation targets and a high-level work ow of the V&V ecosystem. Then the architectural details of the V&V platform are provided, including the main stakeholders, the list of components and the possible con gurations addressing different use cases. Two zooms on the architecture are presented: an external view, on how the V&V platform is framed by the 5GTANGO global architecture and an internal view, on how V&V functionalities are decomposed into modular functional blocks. 

The technical work ows are then presented followed by the methodology and approaches that 5GTANGO V&V platform will adopt. Details of the testing approach are also provided. As stated in the beginning, the DevOps approach also needs an ecient system of data collecting and management, it is indispensable to describe the monitoring and the policy and Service Level Agreement (SLA) management as data collection, as well as the VNF/NS catalogue with all the metadata as the metadata management.

This document tries to establish a high-level guideline for 5GTANGO V&V platform implementation, as well as a reference for the metadata management that is made available to the V&V platform.



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