Deliverable D3.2 focuses on the design and implementation of the first prototype for the Verification and Validation system (V&V) referred to in this document as Release V0. The design described in this deliverable is based upon the overall architecture as described in D2.2 and V&V strategy as per D3.1. It aims to be a basis for the delivery of the corresponding requirements as outlined in D2.1.

This document describes the overall workflow that the prototype intends to follow as well as the design decisions made in order to ensure that the core principles of the V&V are shown. Briefly that workflow includes the uploading of a network service and corresponding suite of tests, the analysis of the metadata to ensure that the correct tests are applied to that network service, then ensuring the setup, running of the tests, environment clean up and finally the return of the results of that test. All component designs to achieve this workflow are specified along with the corresponding interfaces and basic technologies used.

The specification of the V&V reflected in this deliverable intends to document the initial design and implementation details. However, considering that the project is using an agile development process - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) - the design documented here is suitable to be changed during the project lifetime, which is the standard way of moving forward using modern software development methodologies. In roughly one year (M21, February 2019), the project will release the deliverable D3.3, which will document the final prototype design, updating the set of features and implementation details.

The 5GTANGO V&V will be delivered as open source under the SONATA trademark, as SONATA is today a reference on the ETSI NFV Management and Orchestration landscape. With 5GTANGO contributions, it is expected to improve substantially, increasing SONATA's recognition. The major 5GTANGO V&V objective is to make this software popular, lasting for many years, far beyond the project lifetime.

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