This Deliverable D5.1 describes the initial design and development of the 5GTANGO Service Platform, for the Release v0 (M10, March 2018). After the delivery of D2.1 (M3, August 2017), which outlines the prototype requirements, and D2.2 (M6, December 2017), which presents the 5GTANGO high level architecture design, D5.1 digs deeper into the Service Platforms details, describing the internal components and interfaces, as well as the interactions with external systems and entities. In parallel, D3.2 and D4.1 describe similar aspects for the Verification and Validation (V&V) platform and the Service Development Kit (SDK), respectively.

The 5GTANGO project is not creating the Service Platform from scratch. Instead, it relies and extends the excellent work performed by the 5G-PPP phase I project SONATA \cite{sonata}. Some of the Service Platform components started its development in the SONATA project, and will be extended in their features or refactored within the scope of 5GTANGO, in order to cope with the new requirements. Some other components will be developed by 5GTANGO from scratch, namely regarding new features such as the support of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the policy-driven approach, or the network slicing, just to name the most relevant.

This document specifies the Service Platform by tackling the internal components and describing their design and implementation details. The developments inherited from SONATA project are briefly described, providing references to the SONATA's documentation. But major spotlights are turned to the new 5GTANGO components, as well as to the 5GTANGO extensions to the existing SONATA components. The description of the interfaces among the internal components complement the understanding of the design and implementation details, capturing the full picture of the Service Platform. The interactions between the Service Platform and external systems or entities, provides a comprehensive view of how the Service Platform integrates in an external (and real) environment.

Security aspects are important topic addressed by the 5GTANGO Service Platform. In multi-tenant environments, it is fundamental to assure that only authenticated and authorized entities can access to the platform and use his resources. Security needs to be addressed in a holistic way, covering all interaction channels of the different players with the systems, namely securing portals, protecting APIs, and guaranteeing the integrity of the software packaging.

The specification of the Service Platform reflected in this Deliverable intends to document the initial design and implementation details. However, considering that the project is using an agile development process - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) - the design here documented is suitable to be changed during the project lifetime, which is the normal way of moving forward using modern software development methodologies. In roughly one year (M21, February 2019), the project will release the Deliverable D5.2, which will document the final prototype design, updating the set of features and implementation details.

The 5GTANGO Service Platform will be delivered as open source under the SONATA trademark, as SONATA is today a reference on the ETSI NFV Management and Orchestration landscape. With 5GTANGO contributions, it is expected to improve substantially, increasing the SONATA's recognition. The major 5GTANGO Service Platform objective is to make this software popular, lasting for many years, far beyond the project lifetime.

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