Abstract: This focuses in the discussion of the deployment, configuration and operation of 5GTANGO development environments and the definition ofthe 5GTANGO integrated platform component deployment approach and integration testing. 5GTANGO supports an automated CI/CD based development paradigm that complies with DevOps approaches. In this view, the development approach is strongly coupled to the use of particular environments that are specific to the type and the extent of testing/validation required to accept code commits that are collaboratively contributed and merged in the original code base. 5GTANGO supports the contribution of code from three distinct actors: i) the Service Platform developer; ii) the Validation and Verification (VnV) Platform developer and iii) the Network Service/Virtual Network Function (NS/VNF)developer. The SP developer actor workflow and environment support is a continuation of the approach followed in SONATA Project (5GTANGO constitutes its natural continuation). The VnV developer environments require the existence of at least a stable SP installation in order to facilitate its development. The NS/VNF developer support is the final target of the 5GTANGO approach. In this respect the most stable, operational ready deployment of 5GTANGO integrated platform is used to develop, deploy and configure the NS and VNFs required for the demonstration of the anticipated vertical use cases. In addition to the refinement of the environments and the point of view across all actors, this deliverable provides an overview of the deployed infrastructure and some preliminary baseline performance measurements across the interconnected islands.

The second part of the deliverable is dedicated to the presentation of the first year 5GTANGO deployed components and their corresponding supporting functionalities. This step is crucial for the project progress as it will provide a first stable environment to base the continuous integration approach and further automate the development process by introducing automated integration test execution and validations. To this extend the document specifies a first set of integration tests that will be executed within the next development period in order to validate the integration of the first year 5GTANGO release and secondly to allow validation and acceptance of new code commits.

Finally the document specifies the Y1 storyline that presents the workflow and operation of 5GTANGO integrated platform for all the supported actors. In detail the document specifies the step by step story describing:

  • the development and validation of a NS locally at the developer hosted environment, supported by the 5GTANGO SDK;
  • the creation of the NS package and the test package;
  • the request of validation at the 5GTANGO VnV platform ;
  • after the package validation the on-boarding at the 5GTANGO platform;
  • the deployment of the validated NS via 5GTANGO Dashboard.

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