ABSTRACT: The second phase of the 5GTANGO project started with revisiting the use cases and requirements in D2.3. Beforehand, the first iteration of pilots architecture was described in D7.1. This deliverable D7.2 provides a progress report on the implementation of the three pilots on real time communication, immersive media and smart manufacturing, focusing on the development of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Network Services (NSs).

In a first step, the high-level use cases described in D2.3 are split into detailed steps providing a better understanding of what a user will see or do and what impact is implied on the different 5GTANGO assets. Based on the use cases, the architecture is also revisited. Then the NSs and VNFs are introduced, including their first implementation decisions done by the developers. Requirements on the 5GTANGO system are identified, establishing a link from the pilots to the other work packages.

Additionally, this deliverable the authors provide a clear roadmap for each pilot, so that by the the end of the project we can deliver a complete, integrated demonstration. Another important aspect of this process is testing. In this deliverable, the developers of the vertical pilots provide a first evaluation of current implementations. 5GTANGO provides different functionalities for testing purposes, starting with functionality tests for each component of the architecture, to high-level testing of integrated network services. With our Verification & Validation (V&V) platform, integration tests can be easily executed. Tests are not limited to only functional tests, but will also provide performance and scalability test results, in order to increase trust from Infrastructure and Service Providers on tested services.

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