With the overall 5G R&D projects entering a more pragmatic and demonstrative phase, 5GTANGO starts this second period of the project by revisiting use cases and requirements, presented initially in D2.1, and the overall architecture, described in D2.2. This deliverable D2.3 holds the result of that review, together with the input of the latest technical deliverables like D7.1, D3.1, D3.2, D4.1 and D5.1.

By using the tools already provided by the Service Development Kit (SDK) in the creation of the Network Services (NSs) and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) descriptors needed, 5GTANGO’s industrial partners and the remaining involved partners are helping in the evolution of this asset. For example, where the SDK will soon support the definition, validation and testing of Cloud Native Development Units (CNDUs) to allow the deployment of container-based VNFs. The evolution of
the concrete use cases from their first description in D2.1 is also pushing the Verification and Validation (V&V) platform well beyond its initial design, supporting additional ways for testing the submitted NSs and VNFs. To enable this, we are enhancing the V&V with an updated version of the Monitoring Frameowrk we already had in the Service Platform (SP), so that a finer sampling rate can be used while testing NSs: only with these finer sampling rates we will be able take clear conclusions about the adequacy of some of the NSs submitted to the V&V. The more detailed requirements described in this deliverable are also pushing the whole SP into uncharted ground, especially in areas such as the container based VIM and support for NSs/VNFs that are deployed in containers.

Requirements from the three pilots have been revised, grouped and prioritised in this deliverable

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