This Deliverable describes the final architecture and developments of the 5GTANGO Service Platform (SP) for the final Release (M24, May 2019), corresponding to the Release 5.0 of the SONATA open source software. This document concludes the work initiated in the Deliverable D5.1 [16] with the description of the 5GTANGO first release (SONATA Release 4.0), following the requirements and scenarios collected in D2.1 [7] and the high-level architecture designed in D2.2 [8]. Similarly, Deliverable D3.3 [20] and D4.2 [21] describe the final versions of the Verification and Validation (V&V) platform and the Software Development Kit (SDK), respectively, the other two components of the SONATA integrated platform and developed under the scope of 5GTANGO.

The 5GTANGO project did not create the Service Platform software from scratch; but extended the work initiated by the SONATA project [1]. 5GTANGO has extended and re-factored some internal components created in the SONATA project. In other cases, to cope with new requirements, new internal components have been developed by 5GTANGO from scratch, such as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the Policies, or Network Slicing. This document reports the architecture of the 5GTANGO final release, brie y describing its internal components, as well as the APIs towards the outside. But the main focus of the document is probably the detailing of the new features developed for this final release (SONATA Release 5.0). These new features were highly pushed by requirements coming from the three pilots of the project (Communications, Immersive Media and Smart Manufacturing). For that reason, this document also indicates how the different pilots needed these features and why are they used. More details on that will be provided in D7.3 (M33), the last Deliverable dedicated to pilots.

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