This document is the final WP6 deliverable on the 5GTANGO platform. It updates and concludes the content of the previous two deliverables (D6.1 and D6.2) and, in addition, provides results from a large testing and validation campaign of the main 5GTANGO components, namely, the Service Platform, the Validation and Verification (V&V) platform and the SDK. The results are prepared and executed using a methodical approach that guarantees a system-level testing and validation of
5GTANGO platform operation.

The test campaigns are divided per component and then per test category, functional and non-functional. The functional tests include integration, smoke and sanity tests. The functional tests proven the mature and tight integration of the various components of the 5GTANGO, as well as their interoperability with other MANO platforms (i.e OSM).

The results of the non-functional tests (i.e. testing for performance, scalability, load etc.) are then analysed. The non-functional tests are more complex in their execution and involve the collection of metrics from various sub-components from multiple test iterations so that the results contain a statistical significance. From the list of non-functional tests, the ones that are more highlighted are the ones related to the performance of the Service Platform and more specifically the service
deployment time which is checked against both container and virtual machine containers.

The document concludes with the outcome that 5GTANGO software release constitutes mature platform that is able to satisfy the requirements a DevOps process entitles in the 5G environment.

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