In this last technical deliverable from 5GTANGO project, “Final demonstrators and evaluation report”, we present the final details we had to implement to guarantee the correct performace of the three pilots selected to evaluate the three assets developped by the project: the Service Delivery Kit (SDK), the Validation and Verification Platform (V&V) and the Service Platform (SP).

We describe how many of the initially defined requirements have been covered. Our conclusion is that, in the overall, the usage of the tools that compose this three assets made our work much more productive in implementing, testing and deploying the network services supporting the pilots and that all of the relevant requirements have been achieved.
Along this evaluation of the assets, we have defined a testing methodology for using them. This methodology takes the advantage of the multiple feedback cycles this set of assets makes available to the service developer and/or tester, very much following the DevOps principles of constant feedback and learning.

Being this the last technical report delivered by the project, we also take the opportunity to update the community on the latest developments delivered in the final software release of the project, SONATA v5.1.

Download D7.3

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